"Don't explain your philosophy. 

Embody it."

~ Epictetus

About Writing with Sina

What do you want YOUR audience to THINK - FEEL - UNDERSTAND?  

This is what I say over and over and over again to my students and clients of all ages. What is the essential message you want to communicate? As a writer-creator-artist, you get to decide what's important AND how that is communicated to your audience by choosing your words.

This is what creation is all about: communicating something from you to the other person. Perhaps you are communicating an idea or a feeling, an inspiration or an emotion? Perhaps you're creating a drama, a thriller, or an outstanding comedy. No matter what your genre, no matter what format you are using, your goal is to communicate something to your reader, to impact them in some way, to transfer something from within you to them, to get them to THINK - FEEL - UNDERSTAND. 

Perhaps it's to take action and sign up? Perhaps it's to inspire? Protest? Donate? Knit a red sweater? Buy your book? No matter what it is, no matter what the goal or purpose of your communication may be, it's vital that those beautiful and unique ideas living inside your head, your heart, and your imagination be expressed onto the page, screen, or stage in such a way that YOUR audience gets it

You are the creator - you drive the bus - you inform your audience what they should THINK - FEEL - UNDERSTAND by curating your written words.

Here's what we can do: You write. I'll read it and give you feedback. Sometimes we'll write together. I can provide written notes from our live review sessions upon request.

We can also do this: As your writing coach, I'll help you create goals,  complete action steps, and assist you with delivering your project to success. I have extensive experience as a teacher/ mentor/ coach for many years in a variety of situations and circumstances. I am happy to guide you through any blocks, doubts, imposter syndrome, issues of procrastination or just general productivity problems. 

And we can do this: If your work is done-done and you are ready to submit your work to agents, managers, or publishers, I have a strong knack for writing pitches, queries, and proposals. I'm more than happy to work with you to create that perfect pitch, that enticing marketing platform along with a bang-up social media plan of action. If you are looking to self-publish and are interested in that route, I have extensive experience in social media marketing and I am happy to share with you everything I know.

Here's what we're not gonna do: I'm not gonna do it for you. I'm not gonna write the book for you. And I'm not gonna run your social media marketing campaigns, platforms or websites. I'm here to empower you and assist you in manifesting your creator goals. 

Services Offered: Developmental Editing, Proof Reading, Copy Editing, Clarifying Overall Message, Writing Coaching and Support, Script Feedback (Plays, Musicals or Screenplays), Novel (Fiction or Non-Fiction) Feedback, Help with Self-Help Books, Autobiographies, Doctoral Thesis Review and Support, Query Writing Support, Book Proposal Review, Handbook or Manual Editing and Review, Obituary Writing Support, Marriage Vow Writing, Important Letters or Emotionally Charged Communications, Client Emails, Worksheets, Workbooks, Poetry & Music (Lyrics) Review and Feedback.

Meet Dr. S

Sina Skates, MSS, MSP, DSS (aka Dr. S)  brings a unique and creative approach to communicating ideas through the music of spoken word, movement, dance, and writing. Professionally trained with the Royal Academy of Dance, with an undergraduate degree in Theatre Arts from Brandeis University, two Master’s degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Science and a Doctorate degree in Spiritual Science, Dr. S has inspired thousands of students and clients over her many years of teaching and coaching

She is an accomplished writer and playwright. Her professionally produced, commissioned works have been seen by 10’s of thousands of children, parents, and educators across the Southeastern United States; they are: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Little Miss Muffet and the Lost Sheep, Robin Hood, and Late, a one-act farce. During the 2020-2022 global pandemic, Dr. S was commissioned to write two puppet shows for YouTube (links below) and two Zoom centered interactive comedies that were enjoyed by audiences nationwide.

Her enthusiastic, joyful, and heart-centered teaching and coaching approach is unmatched for its creativity, attention to detail, teaching to the individual student, and keeping to a high level of professional standard through her active involvement with the Royal Academy and the Dramatists Guild of America. 

Dr. S. has written numerous online articles for newspapers and magazines on a variety of subjects, ghost-managed large scale social media and marketing campaigns, and created memes (yes ones you've seen circulating on social media!) Dr. S. currently works with clients all over the globe including the Americas, Europe and Australia/NZ via Zoom and WhatsApp, as a writing coach, copy and developmental editor, and cheerleader/hard-ass depending on what the client needs. She currently lives in Birmingham, AL with her husband, 3 children, 3 cats, a tank of fish, and a ferret named Jerry.   

Produced Works:

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (45 minutes, one-act musical, TYA, 4 actors: 2 M, 2 F)

Little Miss Muffet and the Lost Sheep (45 minutes, one-act musical, TYA, 4 actors: 2 M, 2 F)

Robin Hood (60 minutes, one-act, TYA, 6-8 actors)

Late (35 minutes, one-act farce, 4 actors: 2 M, 2 F) 

Science is Fun (10 minutes, puppet show 1 actor, any gender)


Evy & the Pirates (10 minutes, puppet show 1 actor, any gender)


E.L.V.E.S. the experience (50 minutes, interactive, live Zoom show, with scavenger hunt where children must help the ELVES save Christmas - 2 actors, any gender)

E.L.V.E.S the experience 2.0 (50 minutes, interactive, live Zoom show, with scavenger hunt where children must help the ELVES save Christmas, again! - 2 actors, any gender)