Welcome to Writing with Sina!

"In every job that must be done / There is an element of fun / You find the fun and snap! / The job's a game!"

~ Mary Poppins

There is something about "fun" and "life" isn't there? Perhaps we think others have "too much fun" while we're not having enough? Maybe we think that if we have "fun" then we're not really "working?" For me, with everything I do, I try to have as much "fun" as possible. Even  Especially  Particularly when it's something I don't want to  have to  am dreading  procrastinating  feeling insecure  doubting myself  need to do  I'm called to do, but haven't done yet. 

Throughout my career, I've found that humans of all ages, education levels, backgrounds, respond to having fun. Being in a state of joy and play fosters the positive energy that drives creation and manifestation. 

This is especially key when we are engaging in something that poses a challenge to us. For some people the challenge is putting words down on a piece of paper. For others the struggle comes with organizing their thoughts or creating a clear message. And then we have the perfectionists, who struggle with calling it done - letting go and actually taking that step to publish or put your work out there (perfectionists, I'm letting you know right now, it's ok to make mitskates.

Everyone has a voice in writing. You just have to listen. Believe in yourself and be open to receive. Trust yourself. We are all unique, and we all carry within us a potential, a unique beautiful expression of Self. 

Whether you write that story for a million people, create that workbook to assist your clients, or craft that poem or song to express a piece of your Soul, no matter what the scale or scope of your writing project, I'm here to help you achieve your goal.  

My work is about empowering and enabling you to be your best writer-self that you can be. 


Dr. S

So... is it okay to have fun?

Yes. In case no one else has told you today, I give you full permission to have fun with your life.

Dr. S