The Five Steps

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

~ Lao Tsu

Each step along your journey is an opportunity for you to succeed and grow. Together we won't begin at the beginning (that sounds awfully predictable and boring.) Instead, we begin at YOUR unique starting point, wherever you may be on your personal journey as a writer-creator-artist, because Writing with Sina is all about YOU. My goal is to empower you to use your unique voice, talent, and writing style to create and manifest your ideal end result. Whether that be a website, marketing materials for your clients, a play, a screenplay, or a novel (fiction or non-fiction.) All of these written materials carry the same goal: to communicate that unique message you carry inside your consciousness and transfer that precious commodity into the hearts and minds of your intended recipient.    

Step 1: Create Your Goal

The first step in any journey is knowing where you want to go. This is all up to you to decide. You choose. You create your reality, but first you must imagine it. Begin with the end in mind.

Step 2: Make Your Plan

So, you know where you want to go... how are you going to get there? You need a path, a map, and reliable GPS. We all need help along the way to avoid the tie-ups, skip the accidents, and arrive to our destination with grace and ease!

Step 3: Take Action

You know what you want, your internal GPS is programmed. The path is laid out, so what's the hold up? What's stopping you from taking those steps? Perhaps the path seems unsurmountable, the journey too arduous, the goal unattainable? What do we do? Break it down, get it done, and just do it. Whether it's the first step or the last step, we can do it together. No one does it alone.  

Step 4: Manifest It

You've made it to the finish line, but still not satisfied? Or perhaps you've stalled just short of your goal. This is the moment to break through, break free, break the old habits of failure, and believe in yourself. Embrace your potential, celebrate your success, and claim your excellence.

Step 5: The Ever-Expanding Circle

When any project comes to completion, there is always more to learn about ourselves and our work as creators in this world. The circle continues. The spiral expands. We begin again.  We go back and forward simultaneously. Back to the beginning, but cycling forward from our new place of growth and understanding. This is an essential step in the life of an artist/creator.